There is H.O.P.E. for our world! You can be a Hero, too!

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HOPE Trust-250x176Your donation to The H.O.P.E. Trust is like a ‘seed’ that helps grow a better world. Please help nurture a new Generation of caring Gardeners of all ages who are eager to improve our Planet. It is our duty to help them. Imagine if all 7 billion Human Beings cared enough to learn how to successfully grow a garden? Our world would be nearly instantly transformed! Please help them learn and allow us to teach them by donating to this worthy cause: the development of www.daleharvey.com and its associated projects.

Donations of any size are greatly appreciated and all donations of $5 or more are tax deductable (within New Zealand). The H.O.P.E. Trust can only blossom and grow if you care enough to give. Your caring Donation will help to grow a more abundant, beautiful and bountiful World that will ultimately benefit everyone for Generations to come. That has got to be good for you!

All donations of NZ$5.00 and over are Tax Deductable in New Zealand. Donations of NZ$5,000.00 and more can be honoured with  partial Naming Rights within Garden Projects or Special Projects i.e. The Garden n Gro Vegetable Beds;  Yates Flower Gardens. A successful Community or School Garden Project costs approximately NZ$21,000.00 per year (link to Sutton Park School Project). A Donation in this amount or more is honoured with Full Naming Rights to the gardens for that year: i.e. The Fletcher Challenge Pacific Steel Gardens.

Please unite with us to help begin the Healing of Planet Earth.

Send your Donation to:
The H.O.P.E. Trust
c/o Dale Harvey
P. O. Box 200-123
Papatoetoe Central
South Auckland 2156
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Customers comments:

this is the best gardening supplement I have found - these Guys absolutely rock - If I have a problem of any type either Dale or Jon can solve it for me. What they don't know isn't worth knowing. They are absolutely marvelous. Cheers Guys - Love Bev

Absolutely awesome product, fast & quick delivery a pleasure to trade with. Highly recommend to all others 

AMAZING!!!! I absolutely love it! And you were so helpful and always quick to either contact me or respond to me. AAAAA++++++++ seller! Will recommend you to everyone 

Outstanding, friendly, helpful service and advice. Terrific product, we will be back. Thanks heaps A++ 

John's description was totally accurate - these lilies are so real looking I could not tell if they were real or not. John was also phenomenally helpful – he has a really good knowledge of multiple issues concerning flower choices/bouquet design etc. 

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About us

dale-john 01-100x66 Dale Harvey and John Newton met in Melbourne Australia in 1981. Since then they both have supported each others careers while also building and maintaining their own. Read about how they were able to turn their joint careers into one and creating a dream of a better world starting in their own local community.

Media & Publications

host daffodils-100x66The following articles are a small part of the many published editorials on or about both Dale Harvey and John Newton plus the property affectionately nick named by the people of New Zealand, as the
"Quarter Acre” Paradise gardens.

Awards & Credits

HOPE Trust-100x66This is a collection of Appreciation Certificates, Local and Overseas Awards with Acknowledgments presented to Dale Harvey and John Newton over the many years of their joint careers plus the Launch and Registration
of The H.O.P.E. Trust
The Healing of Planet Earth.

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