Matariki - Power of Pleiades

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The Pleiades is a small constellation with a big reputation. Around the world since antiquity, this tiny constellation has been at the centre of legend and myth as well as a celestial guide to the seasons ahead.The Pleiades is one of the constellations that can be seen from almost any habitated vantage point on the Earth.

Pleiades are actually one of the nearest star clusters to Earth: only 430 million light years away.  These stars are B-type, medium aged to rather young stars (born an estimated 100 million years ago) that are hot and shine with a blue white luminosity.

Many stars in this cluster shine hundreds of times brighter than our Sun. Their sparkling appearance is made even brighter because the cluster is presently passing through a nebulous dust cloud known as the Maia Nebula, a reflective Nebula of dust and gases that makes them shimmer and sparkle like diamonds in the sky.

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