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The Quarter Acre Paradise Gardens welcomes your visit.

Starting 1st. September see thousands of colourful spring flowers set amongst sheltering mature gardens, featuring 2 large conservatories, container displays, a natural pond garden, an orchid house, lawn garden, perennial boarders and lots lots more.

"To find all this in someones own private backyard is just an over whelming experience" quoted a garden visitor.

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Here is a handy guide to help you make a better choice for your garden visit:
clubs 01a-230x153Garden Clubs and Societies are booking now for the special Garden Shows at the Quarter Acre Paradise Gardens.  Now is an excellent time to arrange a booking for your special group to get the best dates for viewing all the beautiful displays and lovely flower varieties featuring here in the Quarter Acre Paradise Gardens.

Diane - Glen Eden Garden Club
"What a wonderful time we had with you both at the garden. Nobody wanted to leave and your knowledge of plants and planting and John's talent with floral art. What can I say we were overwhelmed. The muffins were divine. I am sure some of our ladies will be coming to  your workshops."
Garden Calendar at the Quarter Acre Paradise Gardens


The start of a New Year ushers in High Summer. Exotic tropical blooms feature now in the gardens including Bougainvillea, Crinum, Epiphyllum, Gladioli, Hibiscus, Hippeastrum, Oriental Lilies, Phaseolus (the fragrant Snail Vine), Scadoxus Fire Ball Lilies, Tuberous Begonias and many more.  These mix with Annual and Perennial flowers in abundance that creates beautiful fragrant magic throughout the gardens. Many Garden Bus and Garden Club Tours visit now.


Late Summer is a popular time for Garden Tours, Valentines Functions and Garden Weddings. Beautiful abundance fills the gardens with many tropical flowers, foliage and fruits reaching their peak of perfection. Cosmos, Marigolds and especially Zinnias make spectacular features mixing with flowering bulbs, shrubs and cascading vines to create exotic displays. The spectacular Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia) Parade usually flowers now creating a heavenly carpet of fluffy, soft pink flowers overhead and also underfoot. Days and evenings are mild, pleasant and settled.


Late Summer melts into Early Autumn. Garden Weddings and outdoor Garden Private Functions are most popular now; taking advantage of the settled weather. The gardens are lovely; filled with colourful, mature, vivid blooms from exotic bulbs, mixing with Autumn Garden Displays featuring hundreds of flowering Annuals and Perennial flowers in broad borders. Palms and tropical flowers and foliage are spectacular in the glowing summery warmth making this an idyllic South Pacific Garden Paradise.


Mid Autumn is a special month for Weddings and Special Garden Functions as the weather is usually mild and settled with pleasantly cooler evenings. The beautiful, glowing Autumn Flower Show features vivid blooms that reflect awesome autumnal tones. Many flowering Annuals and Perennials reach their peak of maturity now and the first hint of golden autumnal foliage sometimes appears near the end of the month. Weather is usually pleasant and settled making for a memorable time for a special Garden Event or Garden Bus Tour.


Later Autumn witnesses the glorious transition of deciduous trees into their vivid autumn tones like ornaments hanging from the branches. Weather is usually settled and moderates so many Business, Club and Private Functions happen in the Garden Conservatory now. It is also a favourite time for Garden Weddings. There are still quite a lot of warm weather flowers in both Annual and Perennial blooms along with the first hints of winter-flowering Narcissus and delicate Nerines and occasionally the first divinely fragrant Hyacinths. The beautiful and delicate blossoms of oriental Sasanqua Camellias feature throughout the Gardens. Sweetly fragrant Osmanthus perfumes the air.


Early Winter arrives with the Winter Solstice this month. The first week of June is the last usually settled weather before the wintry wet arrives. Many Business and Club Mid-Year Functions happen now to mark the passage of the Winter Solstice. Everyone can be assured of a dry, secure and warm venue in a comfortable, informal, relaxed Conservatories surrounded by a garden setting.

The falling autumnal leaves decorate the late Autumn and early Winter gardens with glowing and vivid Annual and Perennial varieties still flowering. There are great displays of Camellias of many varieties, fragrant Luculia, Osmanthus, Poinsettia and the finest displays of tropical Palm foliage for the year. Conservatory and shelter displays feature a variety of lovely Chrysanthemums, Hyacinths, early Narcissus, Nerines, Reiger Begonia, Zygocactus and many treasured flowers.


Mid Winter is the quietest time of the garden year. Frosts are likely and much of the garden is at rest. The conservatory and floral shelters offer a dry, pleasant and warm venue for Business, Club and Private Functions and Group Conferences and Meetings. There are wonderful displays of fragrance and seasonal colour including: Chrysanthemums, Hyacinths, Kalanchoe, and Narcissus, Poinsettia, Zygocactus and many container-grown seasonal Annual and Perennial flowers. More flowers can be found outdoors in the Winter gardens featuring Helleborus, the Christmas Rose, fragrant Luculia and Chimonanthus, the Winter Sweet. Occasionally the first Daffodils and Tulips might be found now. Camellia Reticulata, the giant ruffled hybrids reach their peak along the Parade Walk, and Camellia japonica varieties are in bloom, too. Spectacular clouds of perfumed Magnolias feature this month. The conservatory offers a dry, pleasant and warm venue for Business, Club and Private Functions.

Early August:

Late Winter’s last cool days often finish by mid month. Camellia and Magnolia blossoms are a grand and memorable feature now along with the sparkle of delicate Winter Annual flowers and early-flowering bulbs. The bravest Daffodils, Narcissus and the occasional Tulip begin blooming amongst the emerging late Winter flowers and foliage. Conservatory shelter displays are beginning to flower now with Crocus, Daffodil, Narcissus, and Hyacinth, earliest Tulips, Chrysanthemums, Kalanchoe, Poinsettia, Zygocactus and many other floral treasures. The dry and warm conservatories make a welcome haven for informal and relaxed Business and Club Functions while still being close to the magic outdoor gardens nearby no matter what the weather.

Late August:

Late Winter transcends into Earliest Spring now. This is an exciting and special time! Lovely fragrant flowers begin both indoors and outside with displays of delicate early bulbs like Anemone, Crocus, Freesia; many fragrant Hyacinths, Muscari (Grape Hyacinth), container displays of Narcissus; Ipheon (Spring Star); beds and potted displays of early Tulips; garden displays of pretty Winter and Early Spring Annuals and Perennials; also see Azalea, Bromeliads, Camellia, Cestrum, Cyclamen, Ferns, Kalanchoe, Magnolias, Orchids, Palms, Poinsettias, Zantedeschia and more. Almost all these continue and peak in September. Many Business, Club and Private Functions start now, taking advantage of the dry, relaxed, warm environment in the conservatory and shelters to enjoy the beauty of Spring a little bit in advance of most exposed locations outdoors.


Early Spring features major container and garden displays of wonderful beauty including:  Anemone, Hyacinth, Freesia, Ipheon, early Dutch Iris, Muscari (Grape Hyacinth), Narcissus, Ranunculus, Tulips as well as many beautiful minor bulbs. Dwarf and early Darwin Hybrid Tulips often reach peaks displays in the gardens. Outdoor gardens feature Azaleas, Camellias, Cestrum, Cyclamen, Ferns, flowering Fruit Trees and Magnolias, Orchids, Poinsettia, Wisteria, Zantedeschia  plus a variety of Annual and Perennial flowers in beds and containers. Mass container and garden bed bulb displays often peak near the middle and end the month. This is an ideal month for a Garden Bus Tour or Business, Club or Private Function!


Mid Spring container displays of Spring-flowering bulbs reach a peak. There are mass garden displays of Annuals, Perennials mixed with beautiful bulb flowers. Hybrid Darwin Tulips and Tall Late Tulips often peak in colour at this time as do Dutch Iris. Container displays of Freesia, late Narcissus, Ranunculus, Spanish Bluebells as well as Hybrid Tulips plus delicate minor bulbs. Many flowering fruit trees feature now plus Azaleas, Cactus, Camellias, Cercis, Cestrums, Cyclamen, Kalanchoe, Orchids, Poinsettia, Wisteria, Zantedeschia and much more. This is another very popular month for Club, Business and Private Functions and Garden Bus Tours.


High Springs displays sparkle throughout the garden including the late Narcissus, Hybrid and Tall Late Tulips and Spanish Hyacinths (usually early in the month), Dutch Iris, Ixia (Corn Lilies), Sparaxis; vivid mass displays of Annuals and Perennials mix with seasonal flowering bulbs plus Australian Frangipani, Azalea, late Camellia, Cestrum; fragrant Citrus Blossom, early Dahlia; Ferns, Kalanchoe, Orchids, early Roses, Poinsettias, Wisteria and Zantedeschia; Cactus, Epiphyllums, Magnolia, Nandina and much more. Mass colour often peaks this month and into December when early Gladioli and Lilies begin and continue through Christmas. Christmas displays usually begin to feature near the end of November onward through the Holiday Season. Garden Bus Tours, Club and Private Functions are very popular at this time of year!


The Great Christmas Season at Quarter Acre Paradise Gardens is the best place for a Special Christmas Function for your group. This is the first month of Summer that truly begins with the Summer Solstice 21-23 December (actual date shifts each year). This is a glorious time in the garden with late Spring Annuals and Perennial flowers merging with early Summer blooms to create great sweeps of floral colour. Gladioli and fragrant Lilies feature this month and are often at their peak near the Christmas holidays.

The Great Christmas Light Show! International Designer, Mr. John Newton, often known as ‘Mr. Christmas’, always creates remarkable festive Christmas displays and stunning Christmas Trees and spectacular Light Show effects that bedeck the gardens and halls with beautiful seasonal colour and thousands of twinkling lights. This is a magical scene not to be missed. The Christmas Tree Conservatory of Lights and attached shelters are a wonderful place for a Special Christmas or Year-End Function for your Business, Club, Group or Society.  Sheltered and warm, no matter what the weather outside, guarantees a perfect Magical Garden Location for a memorable Special Event.
Special Garden Information
Depending on what tour you choose, plan on at least an hour or two spent viewing the gardens and displays. The Quarter Acre Paradise Gardens are located quite centrally to the greater metropolitan Auckland region situated very near Kings College, Middlemore Hospital and a 10-15minute drive from Auckland International Airport. The Gardens are a convenient and favourite destination for International Tourists and local groups.

The entire Garden section is basically flat with gravel or carpeted pathways with sections of open lawns and only a few steps to reach any section of the two properties. This makes an easy and relaxed outing for Garden Lovers of any age. The conservatories and tea rooms are bright, comfortable and warming.

Entertaining and most interesting Floral Demonstrations with International Florist and Floral Designer John Newton are held in the comfortable main conservatory. Garden talks and Question/Answer sessions can also be arranged, often taking place around morning or afternoon tea in the cozy conservatory. These are a favourite feature for many Garden Visitors. Group and private Floral Art and Silk Flower Arranging Classes are an exciting feature.

Make sure to visit the Gift Shop where lovely imported Silk Flowers are a speciality. There are also plants and natural honey for sale.

Rain or shine, the gardens are open and welcoming to groups by appointment. Covered walkways connect from the street entrance through to the sheltered container displays that lead onward to the conservatories, morning/afternoon tea rooms and toilets plus the gift shop; all are under cover! Even on rainy days most garden beds can be viewed from the shelter of the covered walkways. No need to worry about the weather; once on the property you will be dry and sheltered.
Click this link to view a listing of available Garden Tours and their costs. Weddings, Christmas,
Club and Corporate Functions are a very unique specialty at the "Quarter Acre" Paradise Gardens

We are happy to work with you to plan a special visit especially designed for your groups and their needs. We can also suggest other attractions or places nearby for delicious meals to enhance your group tour outing.

Roger Hunters Garden Centre is only a five minute drive for Kiwi Gardeners wishing more ambitious garden and nursery shopping. If your Coach Tour or Garden Group is looking for a good place to eat nearby, please consider Coronation Restaurant and Cafe in nearby Mangere Bridge (phone 09-634-0969). Very reasonably priced and excellent cafe food and drink. The famous Dress Smart and Onehunga Mall is just over Mangere Bridge to the north. For those heading east try The Cosmopolitan Club or RSA in Papatoetoe. For those heading further south Valentines Restaurant in Wiri, opposite Manukau City Centre and Westfield Shopping Centre has an excellent buffet.
For International and National Tourists arriving at Auckland International Airport, Quarter Acre Paradise Gardens is a favourite nearby stop. It is not very far from Butterfly Creek . The historic Mangere area has many attractions and points of interest. Remarkable Mangere Mountain volcano and Domain are nearby and a short distance from Puketutu Island. The famous Winery Villa Maria Estate is another fine destination for restaurant dining which includes an excellent corporate function centre as well as featuring summer concerts. A little further down on the peninsula are the historic Maori remnants of the Otauataua Stonefields with its spectacular panoramic views of rolling countryside framed by Manukau Harbour with unique views of the Manukau Heads. This is especially lovely at sunset. Very near Mangere Mountain is the picturesque village community of Mangere Bridge and nearby Ambury Farm and Regional Park. Auckland City and all its many attraction lies a short distance to our north.
There is an excellent array of fine accommodation nearby less than a kilometre from the Airport and more in the City. Or arrange a Quarter Acre Paradise Garden visit before heading on your way south to visit all New Zealand’s attractions. Like wonderful Hamilton Gardens; the world famous film set of Hobbiton used in the Peter Jackson movies Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit in Matamata; plus legendary Rotorua thermal resort; the great Lake Taupo region and the National Park hiking trails, ski fields and spectacular volcanoes plus Waitomo Caves and much more as one heads further south or up north, east or west!
Book now for that special Garden Group Outing! We look forward to greeting you soon at the Quarter Acre Paradise Gardens.

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