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yvonne garden 06-230x153This is my story and my special thanks to

Yvonne Brown

I dedicate this article to Lucky and G I Joe – Two of our beloved cats that we lost this past week. Another 2 cats from our neighbours also went missing the same week - a total of 4 loved and well cared for pets.

I find it hard to explain and write in words the frustration and despair I feel about the human race sometimes, we can be so humble and generous when needed yet we can be horrible and heartless at the same time especially to small defenceless animals.

Recently we were faced with 9 abandoned cats, 1 male and female plus 7 kittens, these were from our neighbours that now have moved on and left them all behind. Faced with this dilemma we approached the lady up the road from us who runs a cattery.
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It is heart lifting and inspiring to find out that not all humans are the same as for just up the road from where we live in a very modest home lives an angel called Yvonne Brown.

After hearing of our problem Yvonne suggested that we catch all the animals and have them neutered, providing us with the cages and cat trap we started with the parent cats then as the kittens grew to age they were also fixed.

This was a lengthy process stretching over several months but Yvonne’s love for these cats and all cats in general never seemed to fade. Let me say that this angel, Yvonne took on the problem like it was her own.

As we were going to keep all the cats Yvonne took extra time to domesticate them from wild street cats to very loving affectionate pets while in her care.

One of the hardest phone calls we had to make was to Yvonne to tell her about the disappearance of Lucky and that G I Joe had been hurt. With in minutes of placing the phone receiver down Yvonne was at our door cage in hand read to take G I Joe to her vet to see what had happened.

Sadly Joe’s injuries were internal and he passed away the following day at home with us. The vet thought he had been trapped and hit or kicked. We later heard that 'our' cats had been innocently caught up with a large number of strays that had been deliberately enticed with food, by a neighbour and then trapped and clubbed to death.

This is just one of the many thousand upon thousands of stories you hear about the cruelty to animals and it is people like Yvonne Brown that are there ready to pick up the pieces and try with love in their hearts to put things right again and for that I am greatly thankful.

Over this time we have become better friends with Yvonne and support her when ever we can. H.O.P.E. Trust through Dale donated time and a garden with plants donated by Zealandia Horticulture Ltd. (Mt. Wellington Nurseries) to Yvonne Brown’s cattery Cats 'in' Jammas.
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You can help too!

Why not start by visiting her website at:



This is one site we support fully and hope you will too!!

read more about this wonderful lady and the remarkable job she is doing not only for the cats but also for the community.

PDF file download click here... Mad About Cats - Catwoman Saves Many Lives

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