Papatoetoe Garden Competition 2011

Early in November 2011,  I had the honour and privilage  to judge the Papatoetoe Garden Competition for the Bob White Trophy along with fellow Judge and Floral Design and Teaching Professional Mrs. Margaret Ashley and escorted by Competition Organizer, Floral Designer and Teacher, Mrs. Rosemary Weir. The competition is a local one organized by Papatoetoe Garden and Floral Art Society Inc. and supported by their Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board as represented by Mrs. Donna Lee and Chairperson Mr. John McCraken. The Awards Ceremony concluded at the end of the Papatoetoe Floral Art Rose Show at the Papatoetoe Town Hall on Saturday 5 November 2011.
There were nearly 60 garden plots to judge and 26 business and private garden entries to be viewed and judged.

They were judged on the criteria of their appearance from the street; creativity of design, harmony and lay-out; quality and variety of plant selections included in the garden; special features that made the gardens distinctive; and their overal ambiance and impact.

Awards were given for the:  Best Vegetable Plot;
Best Garden as Viewed from the Street;
Best Vegetable Garden in a Private Home;
Best Unit or Townhouse Garden; and
Best Overall Garden.

Competition was keen, competative and very close in almost every category. In most situations there was only a one point difference between the winning entries out of a total 100 points!

There was no question that everyone deserved an award for their participation in the traditional Papatoetoe Garden Competition. It was obvious that every entry had gone to considerable lengths to make their garden beautiful as well as productive. Their overal impact on the surrounding Community and Neighbourhood was truly outstanding. In many situations, those who had gone to the trouble of creating an attractive street frontage had so inspired their surrounding neighbours to do the same.

Both Chairperson Mr. John McCraken and Representative Mrs. Donna Lee were most complimentary of what the Gardeners had achieved and promised continued support from the Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board and Auckland Council for the coming year. There was also some considerable discussion about expanding the competition to include such categories as: Best Business; Best Business Shop-front; Best Commercial Premises; Best Street; Best Business Basket, Container and/or Tub; Best School; Best Children's Garden and perhaps even more categories. Both Chairperson McCraken and Representative Lee acknowledged the most significant role that gardens and these competitions contribute to uplifting the beauty, character, quality and overall quality of life with the Community.

From the impact this Garden Competition is having on the surrounding Community it has become quite apparent that Gardeners are doing more than just growing healthy food and beautiful plants, they are growing more bountiful, peaceful and productive Communities. Well done all you Heroes of the Planet, may your gardens flourish and your numbers multiply!

Out of courtesy to the privacy of the Gardeners, Plot Holders and their Families, addresses have not been supplied here. But pictures of their gardens, some of the winning Gardeners and many of the treasures they have produced can be seen in the photo gallery.

Here is the list of winning garden entries:

Best Vegetable Plot:

1. Margaret Mundy and Val Smytherman 2. Digger Harris 3. Gullan & Jubeda Mohammed 4.Tony Tatiu 5. Rebecca Ru 6. Noel Robinson

Best Viewed from the Street: 

1. Margaret Flynn 2. Jocelyn Hales 3. B.D. Major 4.Faye Graham 5. Shirley Wicket 6. Gail Thurston 7. Gullen and Jubeda Mohammed 

Best Vegetable Garden in a Private Home:

1. Ken and Mary Smyth 2. Renu Kewal 3. Sylvia Makamaka  

Best Unit or Townhouse Garden: 

1. Anita McGowan 2. Judith Rist 3. Renu Kewel 4. Eric and Norma Chestnut

Best Overall Garden (and the Bob White Trophy):

1. Isabel Patel 2. Margaret Flynn 3. Sandra Young 4. B.P. Major 5. (Diane) Troup Funeral Home 6. Gullen and Jubeda Mohammed.

Congratulations to all you Winners!
And to those keen Gardeners who didn't win a prize in this years competition, many thanks for entering, participating and working so hard on your gardens. Please realise that in almost every situation your garden missed out by just one or two points difference. It is that little 'extra' bit of detailing, maintenance,organizing, planning and following-through that makes that tiny difference. So keep trying and we may see you on the winners stage next year.
Happy Gardening and Well Done all of you!

The Awards Ceremony concluded at the end of the
Papatoetoe Floral Art Rose Show
at the Papatoetoe Town Hall

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