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As the days of late autumn turn into the days of early winter the sun sinks lower each day in the sky, that’s if you can see it for the increasing clouds and seemingly endless showers. Depressing? Well, why not sing a little song like “Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing”… And where have all the flowers gone?

They’ve turned to bushes every one! And here are three exquisite examples of bushes guaranteed to brighten the dullest, most depressing day… their colourful flowers even look great against a grey sky!

Although there may not be as much sun about, the beautiful Mount Morgan Wattle (acacia podalyriaefolia) makes up for this with masses of fluffy, sunny yellow blooms.

On close examination each tiny round bloom in the large flower clusters even looks like a little winter sun. Mt. Morgan Wattle is the first of the Australian wattles to come into flower.

Most wattles bloom during the winter and early spring wet season, which was much more important to their survival in their native Australian homeland than it is in most parts of New Zealand. But this gives the gardener a clue to how best to grow them. Provide an open, sunny spot with good air circulation.

Soil can be fairly average, even poor, provided it drains well which is a key to success. Rich soil and ample moisture makes them lazy, they won’t put down deep roots, preferring to feed off the topsoil, until the first big wind blows them down!

So if you want to grow them in any good garden with rich soil shelter from wind and stake well. Otherwise they are a great small tree or large shrub on even as exposed a site as a raised parking lot or curbside.

Luculia is probably the most exotic shrub of the season with large, cool, highly perfumed clusters of candy pink flowers over handsome green and russet foliage. There are also white varieties and nearly red, but the pink hybrids are the show-stoppers.

All prefer very average soil that drains well and good morning sunlight or stronger. Shelter from severe frosts because Luculia is a subtropical shrub and plays it’s part well by looking lush and attractive year-round.

It is very compatible grown next to, or even right underneath, Mt. Morgan Wattle in the sheltered border and many other warm sites. The pink Luculia nestled into the pastel yellow Mt. Morgan wattle makes an unforgettable picture of contrast and fragrance!

Azalea Magnifica is hardier and grows a little taller than most other azaleas. They flower throughout autumn, winter and spring with large orchid-like blooms in mauve pink, creams and whites all with a delicate perfume.

If planted under the shelter of the wattle and Luculia they make a magnificent and highly compatible combination of flowering fragrance and beauty guaranteed to brighten even the dullest winter day with a rainbow of happy colours from Nature’s paintbrush!

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