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Below is a collection of articles that have been published about either Dale Harvey, John Newton or the "Quarter Acre" Paradise gardens.

Title: A Dream Came Home    
Publisher: New Zealand Gardener - by John Newton - May issue 1985  
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      nz gardener 04-100x140 nz gardener 05-100x140
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Title: Land Sakes! It's Dale    
Publisher: Listener - by Shelly Howells - July issue 1991  
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      tv3 guru 04-100x133 tv3 guru 05-100x133
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Title: Guru of the Garden    
Publisher: New Zealand Women's Day - Wendyl Nissen - May issue 1991  
  guru 01-100x135   guru 02-100x135  
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Title: Flower Powered    
Publisher: More Magazine - Joanna Wane - October issue 1991  
  more 01-100x128   more 02-100x128 more 03-100x128
      more 04-100x128  
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Title: Gardens of Peace    
Publisher: New Zealand Womens Day - by Kimberly Paterson - November issue 1991
  garden peace 01-100x135   garden peace 02-100x135  
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Title: Eden Down Under    
Publisher: New Zealand Women's Weekly - by Louis Wright - July issue 1992  
  eden 01-100x140   eden 02-100x140  
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Title: Paradise on a Shoestring    
Publisher: Home and Building - Anne Hargreaves - October issue 1993  
  shoestring 01-100x133   shoestring 02-100x133 shoestring 03-100x133
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Title: "New Zealand, Welcome to the Garden Country"  
Publisher: Garden & Garden Magazine - Japan - No: 1 issue - 1997  
  jap book page 1-100x137 jap book 01-300x140
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Title: "Quarter Acre" Paradise    
Publisher: AA New Zealand Gardens to Visit 1998 / 99 / 00 / 01 / 2002  
  AA cover AA inside
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Title: "Ontop Downunder" Photographs of Unique New Zealanders  
Publisher: Book by Sally Tagg, Harper & Collins Publishers - 1998  
  Sally Tagg front Sally Tagg inside
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Title: "My Backyard"    
Publisher: Weekend Gardener Magazine - March issue - 18.03.1999  
  my backyard 01-200x117    
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Title: Growing Up    
Publisher: Growing Today - by Christopher Paxton - pic by Vicki Leopold - May issue 2000
  growingup 01-100x133   growingup 02-100x133 growingup 03-100x133
      growingup 04-100x133 growingup 05-100x133
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Title: "Celestial Celebration"    
Publisher: New Zealand House & Garden - by Shelley Bridgeman - December issue - 2002
  2002 house & garden 006-100x133   2002 house & garden 004-100x133 2002 house & garden 005-100x133
      2002 house & garden 008-100x133 2002 house & garden 002-100x133
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Title: "Muck and Magic"    
Publisher: North & South Magazine - by Janet McAllister - November issue - 2003
  north south-100x133   muck magic-100x133 dale muck magic-100x66
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Title: Best Blooms - 20th. Anniversary Catalog    
Publisher: Best Blooms, England - in collaboration with Paragon and John Newton - 2003
  best blooms 01-100x140   best blooms 02-100x140  
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Title: Paragon Collection 2003 Catalog    
Publisher: Paragon - London, England -  John Newton - 2003
  paragon 01-100x140   paragon 02-100x140  
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Title: Light up Your Life    
Publisher: New Zealand Women's Weekly - by Sue Linn & Denise Cleverley - December issue - 2003
  light 01-100x138   light 02-100x138 light 03-100x138
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Title: "Solutions"    
Publisher: New Zealand House & Garden - February issue 2007  
  nzhg solutions 01-100x129   nzhg solutions 02-100x129  
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Title: Heroic Garden Festival    
Publisher: Weekend Gardener - January issue 2008  
  weekend 01-100x136   weekend 02-100x136 weekend 03-100x136
  Official tickets and programmes    
  heroic 2007-150x101heroic 2009-150x101heroic 2008-150x101
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Title: Fabulous Floral Arrangements Mark 40th. Year  
Publisher: Te Awamutu Courier - by CATHY ASPLIN - April issue - 02.04.2009  
  Te Awamutu Demo 160-198x138 te awamutu 2-100x138  
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About us

dale-john 01-100x66 Dale Harvey and John Newton met in Melbourne Aust. in 1981. Since then they both men have supported each others careers while also building and maintaining their own. Read about how they were able to turn their joint careers into one and creating a dream of a better world starting in their own local community.

Media & Publications

host daffodils-100x66The following articles are a small part of the many published editorials on or about both Dale Harvey and John Newton.

Plus the property affectionately nick named by the people of New Zealand, as the
"Quarter Acre” Paradise gardens.

Awards & Credits

HOPE Trust-100x66This is a collection of Appreciation Certificates, Local and Overseas Awards with Acknowledgments presented to Dale Harvey and John Newton over the many years of their joint careers.
Plus the Launch and Registration
of The H.O.P.E. Trust
The Healing of Planet Earth.

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