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The origins of Container Gardening date back to the beginnings of early human civilization. Many if not most of the world’s plant species that have migrated from one place to another with the development of civilization have been transported in containers. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon and many of the exotic garden displays in Egypt, Greece and Rome often grew in containers of many shapes and sizes.

Today Container Gardening is among the most popular and often most practical forms of gardening. Almost everyone has a few treasured pots. Even confirmed non-gardeners will often proudly display some captive shred they have successfully kept alive. It is politically correct to be “green” these days. And those who can proudly display their well-kept collection of container-grown plants, even when grown in an urban high-rise apartment in the midst of a concrete jungle often receive accolades of appreciation for their ‘green fingers’.

A recent United Nations survey recorded that 97% of the world’s population is now removed from the land that supports them. Since Humankind are one of nature’s hunting/gathering species, it is not surprising that we instinctually reaffirm our earthy heritage through container gardening. And those who do this consistently, and really well, have indeed mastered a magic of environmental understanding that sets them apart from the rest.

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