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iceland poppy 18-230x153Learn How to Garden! It is one of the most important things you can do to improve your life and our environment.  A gardening world is a green, happy and healthy world.

Please do your part to help us heal our world.  Donate to the cause or learn to care for and grow your own garden. If everyone cared enough to do their part and successfully grow a garden, our world would be almost instantly transformed into a garden paradise.

The Tall Poppy
“No one likes a know it all” L.H. - a Garden Writer

This website is dedicated to all the ‘Tall Poppies’. To all those dedicated and passionate individuals who tried a little harder; went that extra mile; struggled on against all odds, often with little support; and still won the victory. They won because they were passionately in love with what they did.

In my case and for most Garden Experts, they love what they do. It drives them on beyond reasonable limits. Their dreams and visions inspire an extra drive that ignites a fire that propels them to victory. As they mature, they became Master Gardeners and Experts of Nature. Almost all such individuals are eager to pass on their knowledge. Their personal experiences with Nature continually remind them how fleeting life is and that a lifetime of knowledge can disappear in a heartbeat.

But ironically, the same passion that makes them shine so often alienates others in ‘today’s’ world who for different reasons chose an alternate path. So in the case of many Passionate Gardening Experts life’s circumstances often leave them standing alone: the Tall Poppy.

To this day, Tall Poppies are so often cut down by a world that does not understand their unique value but really much more admires conformity and sameness over individuality and uniqueness. They would rather value the ‘attainable’ than set their sights too high.

In their way of thinking how many people can be winners?  It is about as likely as winning a lottery. To attain excellence takes more courage and dedication than they can muster. They see the odds of their success as so remote that it would be almost impossible. And so out of disappointment, frustration, jealousy and perhaps protection of their quite vulnerable self-esteem plus so many other self-destructive reasons, they reject the idea of ever becoming a ‘Shining Star’. Their ultimate reaction is to turn away from the very knowledge that could transform them.  So the Tall Poppy gets left out, misunderstood or down-right shunned

Yet any Garden Lover knows the value of a Tall Poppy. It is a unique treasure that truly deserves admiration. To become what it is, the Tall Poppy must be competitive, hardy, strong and successful. Its seed often produce equally impressive off-spring that can transform a single Tall Poppy into and entire field of beautiful and successful giants. It is the Tall Poppy that should be valued for what it is in today's world, and also for the promise of what it can produce for a brighter tomorrow.

This website is dedicated to all those Good Guy Gardeners: all those Tall Poppy passionate people who dared to dedicate their lives to the pursuit of abundance, beauty, botanical knowledge, bounty, magnificence, productivity and mastery of all they loved in Nature that inspired them to shine and strive for excellence.

Throughout my long lifetime career, I have been fortunate to be mentored and nurtured by many Tall Poppies. They have inspired me to take that path so seldom travelled. So often they have found themselves on that long and winding road where their reward has been to witness remarkable things. This has allowed them to gain the answers to complex questions; grasp the rhythm of life; learn essential secrets to attain mastery and true understanding.

But like everything in this ever-changing world, they are aware that their light will eventually fade like the last rays of the setting sunshine on withering autumnal flowers. And then they are gone; their unique beauty and all the knowledge they mastered goes with them.

Yet in that heap of decaying vegetation, there lie the seeds of hope that will spring forth in a new day to bloom again. That seed is knowledge and the magic secrets that such knowledge can produce. Anyone caring and dedicated enough to make the effort to learn those secrets will be eventually honoured with that mastery. One day, they will realise that from that tiny seed has grown another Tall Poppy rising above a garden paradise of their own.

This website is dedicated to such knowledge and all those remarkable people who have provided it. To all those Tall Poppies who wondered if anyone would ever care enough to listen and pass on to others what they so adore. What you will discover here is the collective knowledge of many Masters. Their garden knowledge and mastery of Nature made them wizards in their brief time here on Earth. Where would we be without such knowledge? This website is dedicated to all of them and also to all those inquisitive minds who wish to grow and shine as others once did in a garden paradise of their own.

You will find here an ever-expanding series of articles and current features. Eventually, it is intended for this to become an extensive Garden Encyclopedia.  Over the many decades of learning from Garden Experts and Masters as well as throughout my career, I elected to take less money on my contracts in order to retain copyright over everything I produced. I figured that if my work was not satisfactory, I would be sacked. But as it turned most everything was high-selling or top-rated. This is a reflection of all the ‘besotted’, dedicated and passionate Garden Experts and Masters who took the time to pass on their botanical and environmental knowledge to me. Now I pass this on to you.

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