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01-One of the true joys of gardening-230x153One of the best ways to lift one’s spirits after a long, cold winter is to witness the miracle of spring bulbs peeping through the winter soil then springing into glorious bloom.
To be part of this eternal resurrection it is important to plant all spring bulbs now. Some hardy species can be planted as late as June, but the longer bulbs have to produce a strong root system the better they will bloom and multiply.
Most varieties prefer full sun or partial shade and well drained soil that is moderately rich. Bulbs enjoy lime and calcium. Commercial growers often place them over a bed of crushed limestone, shell and course sand which is covered with a loamy soil.
Bulbs usually look best when the same variety and colour are planted in groups. They thrive in pots, window boxes, and large tubs.
When grown in pots be sure the containers are placed in a cool, dark place for at least 8 weeks to simulate winter cold. Once roots appear through the drainage hole and shoots are well advanced, bring into a sunnier, cool spot for flowering.

Dale Harvey’s Quarter Acre Paradise will conduct special spring bulb garden tours in September through October. To book your group or for more Information call: (09) 276-4827 or 276—1600.

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