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Gardening is a highly responsible way of maintaining and sustaining your land. It provides a rewarding pass-time that improves fitness and physical health; emotional and spiritual well being; can produce the most nutritious fruits, herbs and vegetables plus great harvests of beautiful flowers. Gardening uplifts the appearance and quality of life around any dwelling and can greatly enhance property value.

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What to Expect from Your Garden Consultation:
Your Garden Consultation is personally designed to inform and instruct you how to become a more knowledgeable and successful Gardener.  This will include valuable information about how to care for the plants you have and also what you desire to grow. The Consultation is designed to teach you how to create a healthy garden and landscape that is attractive, functional, and sustainable and the necessary steps to accomplish this, whether you plan to do the work yourself or employ a professional Gardener or landscaper to help you.

The Garden Consultation is presented in plain and simple English so is congenial and non-threatening to the Novice Gardener. On-going Garden Mentor-ship also is available for dedicated and serious Gardeners who desire to attain a Mastery Level of Gardening.   Natural and organic approaches are recommended to create a balanced and sustainable garden and landscape.  But the least harmful chemical alternatives can also be suggested to help control difficult and persistent problems.

During Your Garden Consultation we will walk through your garden, answer your questions, identify your plants, make recommendations and suggestions that will enhance your garden plus help diagnose problem areas and how to correct them.

Following the initial Garden Consultation, Clients have a choice of receiving a personalized written summary of the visit, including appropriate referrals and resources for future reference at an additional charge or simply take notes as we walk through of the garden.

Topics Potentially Covered in Your Garden Consultation Include:
  • Botanical Identification of Garden Plants
  • Disease and Pest Identification and methods of control and management
  • Suggestions on placement of flower and vegetable beds; water features; recycling compost areas, contouring of land,  beautiful and useful plant species appropriate to your garden and your needs.
  • How and when to plant and prune
  • Botanical and garden suppliers and local resources
  • Organic gardening
  • Sustainable landscaping
  • Year-round colour, interest and harvests through the seasons
  • Garden maintenance
  • Budget gardening including propagation and growing from seed
  • Where to resource garden and landscape materials
  • How to attract birds and wildlife to your garden
  • Miscellaneous tips on sustainable gardening practices and methods to conserve resources
  • Fruits and vegetables suitable for your ecosystem and micro-climate
  • Helpful information personalized to your needs that will make your gardening experiences more enjoyable and successful
A Garden Consultation walk through site visit costs $100 per hour (GST inclusive). Two hours is a standard length for most gardens. Be prepared to take notes and/or record what is being said for future reference.  Travel time will be charged if the destination is more than 10km/6.2 miles away.

A Garden Summary Report can also be arranged, following the Garden Consultation. This includes plant lists, botanical resources and supplies and personalised recommendations to improve and sustain your garden. This is charged at $75 per hour and usually costs about $300.00 dependent upon detail and research involved.

Garden and Landscape Plans are also available following the initial Garden Consultation at a charge of $75 per hour with total cost contingent on the detail, research and time required. Most General Garden Plans will cost at least $300.00

Ongoing Support:
A personal file is kept on every Client so that we can follow-up from the initial consultation.

Clients are encouraged to enrol for the free monthly Quarter Acre Paradise Gardens Newsletter that contains helpful season tips and interesting garden feature articles that will guide you as you learn more about your garden.

Future consultations after the initial visit are often encouraged to help determine your next step. These can be arranged for the same fee schedule. To get the most from your garden, one consultation at the beginning of each season is an ideal way to quickly become a proficient and successful year-round Gardener.

Serious Gardeners are encouraged to join a mentoring program with Mr. Harvey on a regular schedule. This is the best way to learn quickly how to become a really successful Gardener.

You are also welcome to contact Mr. Harvey by phone or email for free answers to garden questions, and information about plants and their care; garden-related products; professional arborists, gardeners, landscapers and other services that you might need.

Clients can also access Dale Harvey’s Face Book homepage, the Quarter Acre Paradise Gardens Face Book home page and the botanical websites www.daleharvey.com and www.daleharvey.co.nz for further botanical information and guidance. All these resources are regularly updates either on a daily or monthly basis to keep you up-to-date with the gardening world.

Schedule an Appointment:
Consultations can be made to suit your needs either during the week or at the weekend. We are available on a varied schedule through the week and will do our best to meet your preferences. Due to our busy schedule available times for consultations will vary, but can usually be arranged to occur within one month or less of taking the appointment.

To Arrange a Consultation:

PHONE: (09) 276-4827 or (09) 276-1600

FAX: (09) 276-4025

E MAIL: info@daleharvey.co.nz

Thank you for helping improve your life and save our Planet!

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