Yates 125th. Anniversary

Yates New Zealand Ltd. and Yates Australia Ltd. celebrated their 125th. Anniversary at the Quarter Acre Paradise gardens September 2008.This colourful conservatory display and bright garden parade of spring flowers grown by Dale greeted the VIP guests and many Media Representatives as they arrived at the Quarter Acre Paradise gardens for the gala celebration and luncheon.  Yates New Zealand and Yates Australia have been devoted sponsors for a wide variety of Dale's media events and promotions including his TV 3 Living Earth television series and several editions of the Yates New Zealand Garden Handbook. Happy Birthday Yates and best wishes for great success in the next 125 years!
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Pictures of the entrance and under cover area at the "Quarter Acre" Paradise Gardens. A wonderful display of Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths all grown in pots and displayed on benches.
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Some pictures of Yates New Zealand's history and the Yates family tree.
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Seating for the event is prepared - the stage is set - all we need now are the guests.
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Guests start to arrive - a complimentary drink and a chat in the garden before the luncheon and we were blessed with a great sunny day as every one gets seated the introductions of Honored guests and speeches begin.
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The Australian MC Judy Horton and New Zealand MC Catriona Gardner made sure the event went off with out a hitch.
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Entertaining the crowd Jack Yates spoke of the history and more important the future of Yates.
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It's time to thank the Honored Guests and time to eat, drink and cut the Anniversary cake.

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