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intro class 3 - 13a-230x173 Designing with Silk Flowers 8 week Workshop

Held Wednesday 10.00 am to Noon

call or text John 0274720700 for more info

class is held at the
"Quarter Acre" Paradise Gardens Venue
21 Vine Street Mangere East 2024 Auckland
Students from previous classes will be joined by several new students therefore I will concentrate on designs that will be easily adapted for the novice to the more experienced student. All are welcome...

8 Best Designs of 2012

Week 1:

spring tulip design 01-230x173

Front-facing Posy Bowl

The First Class of the term is a good time for orientation and welcoming new students along with past students returning. This term we will be focusing on frames, structures and container designs.

Students will learn to build and construct a bamboo/reed frame and how to make coil springs using paper coated wire. These aesthetic structures will added a unique dimension to the design and help students use their imagination as they design and construct the design and frames.

Students will need to bring:

5 main flowers blooms ie: Tulips - colour of choice
5 secondary blooms ie: Calla Lily - colour of choice
2 focal blooms ie: Green Orchids - colour of choice
5 or more large SILK green leaves – student’s choice
5 or more medium SILK green leaves – different texture and shape
1 pot or bowl - round or square - student choice1 block dry oasis
5 stems of either bamboo or swamp reeds, bull rushes etc.

Week 2:

hanging candle design 01-230x307fish bowl arrangement 01-230x173

Inside Out Arrangements

This week the students have the choice of 2 designs - one with the design mostly outside the container and using the frame - the second design is created totally inclosed by the vase with the design and frame inside.

Outside Arrangement

Students doing the Outside Arrangement will build and construct a frame using heavier bamboo or dowel to hang either candles or floral arrangements from and build over and around the glass container or vase.

Students will need to bring:

1 large container or vase
5 larger and thicker bamboo or dowel used for length - random lengths - students choice
5 larger and thicker bamboo or dowel used for width - random lengths - students choice
6 hanging candles
2 large oasis balls covered in moss, sphagnum or lichen
3 smaller oasis balls covered with moss, sphagnum or lichen
several branch stems
handful loose moss, sphagnum, lichen
2 meters paper coated wire - colour students choice
several meters fine wire to hang candles from

Inside Arrangement

Students doing the Inside Arrangement will build a miniature design inside the container or vase using a combination of floral and ornamental items - students choice.

Students will need to bring:

1 container or vase
1 block of dry oasis
assorted berries
3 dried sunflower heads or similar
5 chrysanthemum buds or similar
1 canna or ginger root used as base of arrangement - real or artificial - or similar
assorted foliage - small - students choice
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Week 3:

orange tulips and calla lily 01-230x173

360° Semi Vertical Design with Frame

Students will build and construct on last weeks experience with the frame and create a new design on both sides of the frame using either reeds or in this case long skewers bound together using orange coloured paper coated wire.

This semi vertical design displays all the characteristics of 2 front facing designs placed back to back to each other creating a flow thru feel complimenting the view from all sides.

With this design using only 5 focal flowers on either side this will create a great challenging task for the students - lets hope they can handle the challenge.

Students will need to bring:

5 main flowers blooms ie: Tulips - colour of choice
5 secondary blooms ie: Calla Lily - colour of choice
30 thick skewers, dowel, bamboo or reeds for making screen
5 or more large SILK green leaves – student’s choice
5 or more medium SILK green leaves – different texture and shape
1 pot or bowl - round or square - student choice1 block dry oasis
1-2 metres coloured paper covered wire - colour of choice
assorted foliage and or fill - vine, twigs, berries, moss


Field Trip for student:

Students were invited to join John and visit the Gift Trade Fair held at the Greenlane Expo Centre. This was a gathering of hundreds of store owners, trade manufacturers and importers. It was also a great opportunity for the students to see what is available in the trade as these fairs are not open to the general public.
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Week 4:

horizontal design 01-230x175

Horizontal Design

Students will learn to build and construct this design on a frame in a horizontal position. Either elevated or at table level - students choice.

Using the same method to create your frame from week 3 but instead of it being use vertically place it in a horizontal position and then build your arrangement using greenery, twigs, vines, foliage, berries, grapes, succulents and mosses.

The structure for this design is a crystal candle stick with the oasis placed around the candle holder.

Students need to bring:

1 candle stick
1 block dry oasis
assorted foliage
2 bunches orchid leaves with roots (see larger leaves in picture)
2 succulents
5 green pitcher plant blooms
2 bunches of grapes or berries – student’s choice
20 thick skewers, dowel, bamboo or reeds for making frame
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Week 5:

gerbera design 01-230x307

Vertical Design

Students will learn to build and construct a different structure using chicken wire and aluminium decorative piping.

A simple design using only 5 flowers - Gerberas, a mixed selection of foliage and succulents create this 3 dimensional arrangement.

This design gives the student the opportunity to work with many different textures and materials plus using many materials that are not usually connected to the floral industry like chicken wire and aluminium wire yet it works well with this design.

Students need to bring:

1 container - students choice
5 Gerberas - colour student choice
3 succulents - or similar
approx 2-3 metres coloured aluminium decorative piping - colour student choice
assorted foliage
1 metre green plastic coated chicken wire
1 block dry oasis
bag of loose sisal or coco fibre - colour students choice
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Week 6:

terrarium 01-230x307

Tropical Terrarium

Students will learn to make a subterranean design that can be viewed from all sides plus shows the plants roots hanging from a land shelf. This design is made in several stages - bottom, middle and top. First you create your pond floor then attach your roots and other items that will hang from the bottom of your oasis. Then you cover with moss and add the remaining items into the arrangement and when you are happy with the design then install it in your vase. There are a few tricks and you will learn them in class. See you there.

Students need to bring:

1 glass container - students choice - round or square but needs to be tall
3 stems of bamboo - or similar
1 stem of bull rushes - or similar
1 succulent - or similar
2 lotus pods - or similar
1 stem small flowers - students choice of variety and colour
1 stem small leaf foliage - students choice of variety and colour
material to create aerial roots hanging from bottom of design - either organic or artificial - students choice of colour and variety
approx 10 flattish stones of different sizes
quantity of either moss, sphagnum, coco fibre or sisal to cover oasis
1 block of dry oasis (grey coloured oasis)
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Week 7:

vase-in-vase 230x153

Students Choice

This is an opportunity for the student to bring and design a SILK Flower arrangement of their own choice. This is challenging the student to reflect over the past 6 weeks and interpret what they have seen and learnt.

It can be as small as a Men’s buttonhole to the Large Urn Arrangements for Home, Wedding, Church or Corporate Functions as long as it is thought out and put together by the student.

Technique, design and construction will be evaluated with a one to one consultation with each student. This will give the Tutor time to watch and interact with every student individually in a work situation offering direct hands on advice and helpful hints.

Students need to bring:

all products
all accessories they feel they will need to create the vision of their arrangement.

Important Notice – Limited product and items will be on sale that day...
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Week 8:

butterfly arrangement 01-230x307

Vertical Abstract Design

Students will learn how to make and a free standing design using a structure of their choice. In this instance we are using a hanging candle structure. It has 3 hanging glass tear drops that holds 1 tea candle in each glass drop.

Student need to bring:

1 frame - students choice
3 silk butterflies - or similar
3 tea light candles - battery operated or real candles is students choice
2 large magnolia blooms or 1 stem of 1 full bloom, 1 semi open and 1 bud flower of students choice
1 stem of trailing white wisteria
1 stem of frosted glass grapes
1 metre green sisal wrap - or similar - students choice of colour
approx 10 assorted green silk leaves in size and colour - students choice
1 block dry oasis (grey colour oasis)
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Best Designs of 2013

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