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intro class 3 - 13a-230x173 Designing with Silk Flowers 8 week Workshop

Held Wednesday 10.00 am to Noon

call or text John 0274720700 for more info

class is held at the
"Quarter Acre" Paradise Gardens Venue
21 Vine Street Mangere East 2024 Auckland
Students from previous classes will be joined by several new students therefore I will concentrate on designs that will be easily adapted for the novice to the more experienced student. All are welcome...

8 Best Designs of 2014

Week 1:

white rose blue larkspur 11-230x173

White rose & Blue Larkspur Serviette Holders

Beginning with an introductory presentation to the course with a show and tell of the upcoming weekly projects for this 8 week term. This term I am focusing on showing students other ways of using silk flowers and introducing accessories showcasing tableware, table arrangements and ornamentation pots and vases.

Students need to bring:

As this is an introductory class all materials will be supplied free of charge for this class only.
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Week 2:

jon demo 01-230x173

Horizontal Tropical Design

This week's horizontal design is enveloped in a medium sized Palm Husk. Using 3 buds and 2 open Green Orchid Blooms with 2 Green Anthuriums, a branch of Maiden Hair Fern, some coco fibre and other assorted ferns and twigs proves us with a quick and easy arrangement to do with the extra added bonus of creating a stylish and contemporary professional design arrangement to enhance your dining table, living room or gift for a loved one.

Students need to bring:

1 palm husk - or similar - students choice
1 green orchid stem - requires 3 buds & 2 blooms - colour or variety – student’s choice
2 stems of green anthuriums - colour student choice
1 branch of maiden hair fern – student’s choice - or similar
1 grouping of assorted ferns – at least 3 stems - student’s choice
1 stem of twigs - real or artificial - students choice
1 small block dry oasis (the grey one)
some coco fibre - students choice
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Week 3:

jon 02-230x302

Vertical Grouping Design

This weeks vertical design focuses on groupings. Using a few selective flowers and contrasting textured foliage grouping the same items together can create an interesting arrangement. Dividing the arrangement into 5 sections i used flax, ferns, boxwood, ranunculus, dusty miller and a moss covered stone. Arranged in their groupings and staggered in height for tallest to shortest this arrangement is based in a complimentary coloured ceramic square pot.

Students need to bring:

7 different lengths of flax
5 different of ferns
a grouping of boxwood foliage
2 ranunculus - bud and open bloom
1 moss covered rock
a grouping of dusty miller - silver foliage
1 stem of twisted willow or vine
3 larger leaves - added extra
1 ceramic pot - students choice
1 block dry oasis
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Week 4:

jon - week 3-230x153

Abstract Crescent Design

Using 2 half moon wire framed shapes create this circular motion abstract design. From a frontal view this design looks like only one frame but walk around to either side or look from above it is easy to see the 2 frames. Each frame edge is covered with copper angles hair and then a crisscross web of copper wire. Using a selection of red rose blooms, buds, rose hips and clear crystal dew drops create this design.

Students need to bring:

12 open rose blooms - students choice of colour
12 rose buds - students choice of colour
10 rose hips or 4 small stems - students choice
1 large wire frame
1 medium wire frame
copper wire - approx 2 metres
several crystal drops - students choice of quantity
1 block dry oasis
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Week 5:

jon week 4 - 2-230x307

Bamboo Horizontal Design

This weeks horizontal design focuses on using different textures, foliage and small plants. Using the bound bamboo stems as our base we will create 3 different levels in this design allowing the first to trail down to the second and so on.

Using the real stones and moss covered rocks helps to identify the 3 levels as if they were out-crops or small ledges on a mountain face.

Students need to bring:

3 different lengths of thick bamboo
3 metres thick lime green aluminium wire
3 moss rocks or similar
3 artificial cactus or similar
trailing sphagnum
several different types of foliage filler              
                           ie: leaves, berries, trailing sphagnum or pods
assorted flat stones
1 block dry oasis (the grey coloured one)
assorted floral wire (18 to 26 gauge)
thin bamboo skewers
roll floral tape (paper moulding tape is best)
hot glue - glue gun
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Week 6:

2013-06-12 07-31-10 005aaa

Item description to come


Students need to bring:

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Week 7:

term 3 week 1 - 05aa

Students Choice

This is an opportunity for the student to bring and design a SILK Flower arrangement of their own choice. This is challenging the student to reflect over the past 6 weeks and interpret what they have seen and learnt.

It can be as small as a Men’s buttonhole to the Large Urn Arrangements for Home, Wedding, Church or Corporate Functions as long as it is thought out and put together by the student.

Technique, design and construction will be evaluated with a one to one consultation with each student. This will give the Tutor time to watch and interact with every student individually in a work situation offering direct hands on advice and helpful hints.

Students need to bring:

all products
all accessories they feel they will need to create the vision of their arrangement.

Important Notice – Limited product and items will be on sale that day...
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Week 8:

term 2 week 7 - 08-398

Item description to come


Students need to bring:


Best Designs of 2015

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