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Bamboo is often associated with pond and stream banks where it's beautiful, graceful, evergreen, arching canes create soft architectural lines. But once established bamboo is quite tolerant of extremes including alpine and coastal conditions and drought. Ironically they cannot withstand a waterlogged root system.
There are 30 species and hundreds of hybrids, most being too large and invasive for all but large gardens. Being grasses their rate of growth is dependent upon moisture, feeding and warmth. Clumping varieties create dense, vertical, slower growing stands more suitable to home gardens. Running sorts spread rapidly to make large groves creating screens, seaside windbreaks and providing erosion control on banks.
Beschorneria (Be-shaw-neer'-ee-a), the Mexican Lily, has broad, grey-green, flax or yucca-like leaves forming dramatic rosettes. Giant red flower spikes 2m and more arise from the centre in spring. Drooping clusters of green, bell-shaped lilies appear from rose red bracts all along the stem creating a spectacular show. Very drought hardy, they need full sun and a warm, well drained sandy loam.
Water more when flowering. Bougainvilleas come in a wide range of colours and are noted for their durability in hot, dry, sunny spots, coastal sites, containers, and ability to flower in poorer soils. Can be trained to climb or pruned into a hedge or even a bonsai!
Brachycome creates feathery mounds to 30cm covered in delicate 2cm daisies in blue, mauve, white and pink with black and gold centres. They create a floral carpet in spring and summer in the rock garden, dry border, or shallow container. They love heat, dry conditions, full sun, and a light, warm soil. Pinch out centres to make a bushier plant with more bloom. Evergreen B.multifida (Cut Leaf Daisy) is a hardy, perennial while B. iberidifolia (Swan River Daisy) is a quick growing annual.
Brachysema (Brak-ee-see-ma), the Swan River Pea or Scimitar Shrub is a Western Australian native noted for it's drought resistance even in full sun, sandy soils, and coastal sites. Decorative, evergreen, oval, dark green leaves with a silvery reverse line slender, arching stems on a 1x3m shrub. Can be grown as a groundcover or semi-climber with trellis or net support. Tip - prune to keep bushy.
Flowers are bright red clusters of pea shaped blooms arising from the leaf axis. They don't fully open creating a curved effect similar to the one-sided scimitar sword used by Turks and Persians.
Buddleia, the Butterfly Bush, does truly attract butterflies with it's fragrant, nectar-filled flower clusters. The winter flowering B. salvifolia has broad clusters of mauve blooms against silver grey foliage. B. davidii and it's many hybrids are known as Summer Lilacs which the blooms resemble in pink, purple, blue and mauve shades as well as cream and white.
Grows fast and easily in almost any soil in full or part sun withstanding coastal and droughty conditions. Prune right back to old wood after flowering to maintain shape and flower size. Good in large containers and an excellent cut flower in the dry garden.

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