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Tagetes is better known as the marigold. Prolific French marigold has scores of hybrid crosses. The larger African species has recently been crossed with small tagetese species to create a robust range of stockly hybrids with giant blooms like Guinnea Gold. Hardy in average soils and poor, coastal spots. Best blooms come in full sun with a little extra watering. Many small-flowered species have been revived in recent years. Good in the rock garden, border or container.
Tamarix is a small group of very tough trees with thin, wand-like branchlets that are covered in mildly fragrant pink blooms in spring. Tolerant of gales and direct coastal spray.
Tanacetum, or Tansy, is a perennial daisy with small yellow blooms and ferny, fragrant foliage. Enjoys sun and a rather open, poor soil and a little extra water if really dry.
Tecoma is also called Yellow Bells but there are red and orange varieties of this shrubby trumpet vine. Plant in sandy loam soils, strong sun, in a warm spot away from severe frost.
Tecomaria, the Cape Honeysuckle, is a trailing shrub with evergreen branches and orange, lipped flowers. Great on the coast and in quite droughty positions. Makes a great hedge.
Tetrapanix, the Rice Paper Plant, is a member of the Aralia family. The branching canes reach 3m with giant, lobed, felty leaves and large flower heads of white globes. Good background shrub for large gardens.
Teucrium, the Germander, includes 300 species. These are bush mints 1-2m high and wide with slivery grey foliage and blue, mauve or purple lipped flowers that pop out all along the stems in spring onwards.
Tibouchina include a group of 150 South American small trees or shrubs with large, spectacular, almost flat flowers in purple, pink or white. Plant in sun or dappled shade.
Trachycarpus, the Windmill palm is hardy in coastal and dry positions and grows to be a handsome, small palm with dramatic palm fronds that unfold into almost perfect wheels.
Tristania is an Austrlian small tree or large ornamental shrub known as the Water Gum. These handsome, upright, evergreens are hardy in most soils, on the coast and in dry positions. There are deep green, bronze and variegated leaf forms.
Triteleia used to be called brodiaea among other things. This small bulb is a native of Oregon. While it is called Wild Hyacinth it more closely resembles the Alliums like onion or garlic with it's small, globular cluster of blue star flowers on wiry stems. Sun or part shade is best and they thrive in containers. "Queen Fabiola" is a fine, hardy deep blue hybrid.
Tritonia, the Blazing Star, is a small South African bulb that flowers after most other spring bulbs have faded and died away. Flower stems can reach 45cm but are often shorter. The bright, warmly coloured blooms resemble freesia but without the fragrance. Bulbs are autumn planted in sun or part shade. Spring foliage is grassy and mixes easily with other small border plants. Tolerant of extreme drought over the summer.

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